Bedroom TypeStarting FromUnit Size (sqft)Unit TypeNo. Of Units
1 Bedroom$674,860Type A1, A1P120
1 Bedroom + Study$725,420474/603 sqftType A2S, A2S(p) and A2S(d)149
2 Bedroom$798,660603 to 743 sqftType B1, B1(p), B1(d)206
2 Bedroom + Study$983,180689/807 sqftType B3S, B3S(p), B3S(d)29
2 Bedroom Premium100% Sold700/818 sqftType B4P, B4P(p), B4P(d)206
3 Bedroom$1,179,360926/990/1098/1173 sqftType C1(P), C1, C1(d), C2(P), C2, C2(d),148
3 Bedroom Premium + Flexi$1,361,6101130/1346/Type C3P(p), C3P, C3P(d),90
4 Bedroom100% Sold1432/1615 sqftType D1(p), D1, D1(d)30
4 Bedroom Dual Key100% Sold1485/1668 sqftType D2DK(p), D2DK, D2DK(d),15
5 Bedroom + Study Dual Key$2,152,5001765/1991 sqftType E1DKS(p), E1DKS, E1DKS(d)15

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